Welcome and thanks for stopping by! This blog is a place for reflections, revelations and encouragement about…well…life! Health, happiness, and the here & now. Posts range from fitness inspiration to productivity to relationships, and I’m always happy to explore new topics and mediums.

About the author
I’m a twenty-something “wannabe hippie,” for lack of a better term. I’m equal parts realist and idealist, totally willing to spend a weekend camping or dolled up for a fancy-schmancy engagement, but most of the time you’ll find me somewhere in-between, hair in a ponytail and making a quick change after work to teach my fitness classes. I believe in the value of breadth of experience, so I’m constantly moving, learning and growing. Interests:

  • the great outdoors
  • yoga (practicing & teaching)
  • rock climbing
  • travel
  • fitness & nutrition

I found my own health and happiness when I stopped obsessing over weight and started finding workouts that made me feel better about myself. Shortly thereafter, I became an independent Team Beachbody coach, and I now aim to help others value their health, get moving and invest in nutrition to live their best life!

Fitness sometimes feels like too much time and energy, but let’s reframe this: fitness actually¬†means BOOSTING your energy to make it through your demanding days. It means FEELING HEALTHIER and happier than you’d ever feel while vegging out on the couch. It means investing in your health to SAVE TIME AND MONEY with heart, blood and cholesterol problems later. I would love to help you make the lifestyle changes to feel healthier and happier, and a simple conversation is the first step. Check out my posts, and contact me at jjudith.moves@gmail.com to chat about your health goals. Let’s find something you love and elevate your life!


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